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20 kabel .. sounds like this.

Thomas_K_itsoundslikethisThomas K. is introducing a good eurorack starter system with an affordable mix up of modern modules by different brands with all their basic functions and patch examples in this video workshop now.

Once you understood this and want to go further, please feel free to subscribe to our advanced workshop about TIPTOP audio modules this Thursday – September, 18th inside Centralmusic, Berlin, Oranienstrasse. If you dont want to listen from outdoors, please confirm your participation with a short email here soon, thank you.

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stg making musicIt seems like the welcome night at the Knobcon was nice: Marc Verbos was playing live as Suit and tie guy did. The Saturday started with a picture of our friends from SchneidersBuero together with Tony Rolando and the harvestman (in the background) .. see this pic here!

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Knobcon in Chicago..

carlo and tony rolandoThe knobcon #3 in Chicago became a major event for the world of modular nerds and makers in the US at least. To support this initiative of our friend Suit and Tie Guy and others three members of SchneidersLaden travelled to the states over the weekend now to say hello and have a good time there. If you are around say hello to Carlo, Philip and Sebastian Baumann.


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.. and next week tiptopaudio!

tiptipworkshop_berlinOn September, 18th – Thursday next week – we have another workshop on modulars by Konstantin Gervis (ZV_K) for Tiptop Audio. With their release of Stackcables, the digital Z-DSP and finally with their row of drumsound clones they became an important brand in the eurorack system. The evening event will start at 7pm at Centralmusic and it could be crowded.

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Basic Electricity#13 this Friday the 12th

be13-camAnother Basic Electricity (number 13 meanwhile -
if that is not a good sign) comin’ up this friday, 12th.

Friday, September, 12th: Cam Deas & Setherian will play Eurorack, Serge and Ciat-Lonbarde instruments and Richard has ordered Belgian IPA.

See you there!

BE#13, Friday, 12.09.14 * Doors: 21:00, Music 22:00 *
Kastanienallee 77 (Kino) * 10435 Berlin Prenzlauer-Berg

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Analogue Systems —————– New Audio samples

aorsHello Friends,

Bob Williams alias Analogue Sytems has some new audio samples on the Audio Samples Page. If you scroll down to the section with ED DMX Krew there are some new tracks.

Tracks 1-20 were done on a Goliath system and
tracks 21-47 up at ED DMX  London studio ..

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Doepfer A-143-9 Modification

a1439-mod1A-143-9 Lin-FM & Buchla Saw Modification

Here a very interesting Blog entry from  navs.modular.lab 

How to add a linear FM input to Doepfer’s quadrature oscillator and get the weird waveshapes of Buchla’s 258 VCO.

Thx NAV.

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Attenuator cable ..

komaac_1After KOMA Elektronik successfully took care of the question “where do I store my patch cables?”, they now released another product to simplify the modular users´ daily business: The KOMA Attenuator Cable with one jack socket on one side, a jack plug on the other side and a slider in the middle enables the user to attenuate and adjust both CV and audio signals between modules from zero to infinity. A practical solution, not only for use with modular systems.

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Macbeth Synthesizers..

kenele_siteIn a nice chat on the phone Mr. Ken Macbeth confirmed today that his next future product – the elements – is becoming more concrete soon. He released a few videos on his Video-Channel showing him playing around and having much fun with the final prototype; First shipments should happen before christmas (!!).
In his video collection I also found this long clip explaining the possibillities of a Micromac-D, but .. as an experienced keyboard player he is explaining his performance in a way that even if you dont wish to buy it – watch it to learn more about the possibilities and sounds of such an analogue synth in general, thank you Ken!

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low budget synth meeblip

meeblipAfter he already introduced it on Musikmesse 2014 (some pics by Hajo Liese here) Peter Kirn now showed off the final version of the MEEBLIP anode desktop synthesizer with an anlogue Filter for very small money on a trip to New York. See some pics of the perfomance here and watch out for the anode synth over here.