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Namm 15: Koma Elektronik

P1090426P1090453WP_20150122_13_33_59_RawKoma shoots the bird off – annoucing their new monster at high noon on thursday, the Komplex Sequencer. 16-steps and that 4 times, that allow and invite the user to use one or more of the sequencers to sequence the other one. It should come out this Spring, more detailed info you ll find here.

And last but not least the Poltergeist, a quadrophonic mixer – presented at namm with a big helikopter helmet 4 speakersoundsystem – you guys want to fly over the kuckucksnest.

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NAMM 15: Synthrotek

herrschulz & harmon synthrotek & mattson synthrotek nandamonium
Herr Schulz met Synthrotek’s own Mad Hatter, Mr. Steve Harmon who expands his Euro range by a couple of rather classic synth modules in cooperation with George Mattson. So far they’re not finished so it might take a bit untill they will be on the market.
Furthermore Synthrotek’s about to release a noise drone box soon, the Nandamonium. Square wave NAND chaos going on here probably (haven’t heard it).

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Namm 15: Vermona

Vermona_1P1090429Vermona_2 Erlbach is not Disneyland – Vermona / HDB showing up with excellent quality products and german friendlyness ( no, the last thing isn’t ironic ) and presenting a beautiful nutwood case in 8hu size in total, including 2x 1hu rows for new prototyps of small buffered multiples and other upcoming utilities – further they had a lovely sounding monophon analog synth keyoard in their basket – the `14 which has 2 vco`s with subosc per vco – great filter -velocity on pitch bend and yes it will be limited from scratch. Since they come up with eurorack modules, new stuff is allready in the line of production and hopefully the new twin-cusion  drum-percussion module will show up very soon. Enjoy Vermona!!

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NAMM 15: QuBit Electronics

qu bit new gear    qubit chords
Andrew Ikenberry and his team from QuBit Electronics came up with several new modules, some of which are to hit the streets in a few weeks (in case of the NanoRand) or later this year. Chord module is in planning stage, we’ll see when it ‘ll be ready.
NanoRand features plenty of functions in just 4HP: clock source, s&H, noise generator and random in four different flavours (=algorithms).
Tri-Ger is a a triple manual gate generator with a recording function; squeezing the recording in a bar long sequence which generates a clock that’s tempo is depending on bar length and which can be divided. Tap tempo, quantizing and CV control is aboard as well.
Besides that they have a tiny 2HP AD envelope which can be an oscillator or noise.
Finally, Chord is a sound generator based on a number of triad intervals, with separate outs per note.

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NAMM 15: Audio Damage

Audio Damage   Audio Damage ADM07
One of the many manufacturers at WMD’s booth were US-american maker Audio Damage which are known for software but have been making modules since 2013.
Their brand new ADM 07 Mad Hatter which is being released now is a digital shift register-like noise source with a filter and crossfading between the noise and an external audio. Great for creating metal noise, hihats and other drum stuff.

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Namm 15: TipTop Audio

P1090557P1090561P1090559 Finally  “Señor Carlos” met his stackable hairdresser, the incredible skilled Gur Milstein in  Hall A and once again got very surprised. Gur had a new prototype of a case made out of molded ABS-plastic – looking and feeling great – even if it’s not the final color – but one thing is for sure you will still feel your arms after transport as the weight is light. And if that wouldn’t be enough Tiptop has the lisence from Serge to build his modules for the Eurorack system – you can see the WAD and SSG on the pic.

i just say: woof – hello I’m Rex.

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Namm 15: Make Noise

P1090544P1090455 P1090459 Make Noise being there with a big nice team ,introducing 5 new modules the FXDf and RxMx will come very soon – tELhARMONIC , CTRLSEL V and CTRLSEL C  will be done till summer 2015.

The FXDf is a 4hp 6-band filter bank offering simultaneous 6 and 12 db/octave inputs. The FXDf  is very useful for isolating different portions of the spectrum for analog and digital signal processing . The RxMx [pronounciation: Rixmix] is a vactrol based 6 input 3 output macro lowpass gate which excels at smooth dynamic blending for a kind of automatic mixing.

The tELhARMONIC will be a 3 voice additive synthesis module coded by Tom Erbe – CTRLSEL V will be a module for storing and recalling states in a modular synth and CTRLSEL C for creating and recalling complex timing arrangements.

thx to Tony and Kelly giving us a constructive break at the roof of namm building.

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NAMM 15: Toppobrillo

Josh Thomas   Toppobrillo Stereo Mixer
After dealing with Toppobrillo for several years it was for the first time we met Josh Thomas in person. The phantom turned a real and supercool dude and Josh displayed a prototype of a voltage coltrolled stereo mixer with four channels, VC panning, mute / solo (mutes with VC control in future) and cueing of muted channels. One aux send with stereo return. Opposite panning of channel pairs with a custom made panning curve. LED VU-meter and pre-master fader headphone amp.

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NAMM 15: Kenton

WP_20150122_13_45_48_Raw British KENTON electronics aka John Price was at our booth with lots of his MIDI products. Brand new are: Thru25 for those who are addicted to splitting signals. DSYNC converts MIDI Clock to DIN Sync and vice versa, simultaneously.
Killamix mini received a minor update with blue LEDs and the USB Host in the Mk2 version now works with USB hubs (which are often integrated in master keyboards).

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NAMM 15: Sputnik Modular

Roman Filippov SputnikSputnik case Roman Filippov presented his Sputnik Modular gear consisting of six modules which are available since recently. Several future projects were shown on his PC only and three are really standing out: two Serge-ish sequencers and a 16-band voltage controllable filterbank with envelope followers which can be turned into a vocoder easily. All are still in design stage so be patient.