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Have you seen this?

Mark_Verbos_Tresor_BerlinIf you have seen this guy down in the Tresor last saturday in the morning at 5am playing live music on his modular (and some other tools), you are probably the ones asking yourselves:
Where can I buy such to make all my friends dance around on such weird noise and great music, too?

NOW you can get the case here and fill it up with whatever you like from Verbos electronics and others. Also some of the 1U modules by Vermona are available from stock now, so .. there is no excuse to start.

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Toppobrillo is back in stock

kw logo trans small50  Ladies & Gentleman – welcome to a new delivery of Toppobrillo Modules

The Multifilter / Triple Wavefolder & Sportmodulator are back in stock

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In Sachen Berlin ..

musik_makino_jubilaeumsfestival2013a constructive link to the artists happenings next week..
.. or this week? .. by the DAAD .. the Berliner Kuenstlerprogramm !
3 new Sound Art works at mikromusik. Festival of Experimental Music and Sound Art (August 26-30, 15)
.. stay tuned.

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Berlin Atonal 2015

atonal_n This week from 19-23.08.15 is the legendary  Berlin Atonal Festival

Berlin Atonal is happy to announce the establishment of Modular Schaltzentrale, which will run in the control room of the Kraftwerk powerplant for the duration of the festival. Partially supported by the legendary Schneidersladen and featuring equipment from Make Noise, Verbos Electronics, WMD, Mutable Instruments and many other manufactures, the Modular Schaltzentrale will be led by experts from the laden Thomas and Patrick. Something between a performance, installation and discussion – each night will feature one unannounced artist from the festival building a generative patch that will run for the remainder of the night. Beginning 19:00 daily with an introduction and first patch on Wednesday at 18:00. Not to be missed.

Here a Videolink from ARD Tagesschau – see you there

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Basic Electricity #16: THISfriday (21st) Berlin ..

be16-zvukoprocessorBasic Electricity returns this Friday, 21st August,
with a Summer concert featuring Hainbach and Zvukoprocessor. See you there!

More info .. on basicelectricityberlin ..HERE!
or on

Doors 21:00, Music 22:00 Kastanienallee 77 (Kino) 10435 Berlin Prenzlauer-Berg

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Tonite at Puecklerstr. 20..

Francesco_dSunday, 16th, 8pm:
Francesco Donadello improvising on his modular synth at Gallina Winebar, Puecklerstr. 20, to whom it may concern..
have a nice weekend!

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Oto – Bim delay in stock

bimOTO ‘s new 12 Bit Delay BIM is now in stock at SchneidersLaden and like their former unit
.. the biscuit  – this is way more then
just a normal delay !!


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1439482871292570_Cbase_open_moonBerlin based C-Base.org is an association and “the motherhood of hackspaces“copied worldwide in between – as declared in this feature. With their twentiest birthday (20 years!) there is an interview with an early member called macro online now explaining the whole story (in german) with a lot of nice pictures from history and some nice rooms that you normally dont see. Read more about it here, if you like.


The first product presentation I once made as SchneidersBuero about 15 years ago was introducing the SUNSYN by JoMoX and other products with a very early livestream and concerts by TokTok and others from that C-Base still in the Oranienburger Strasse, Berlin those days. Their faboulus GATE – see it on the pics – has also been decorating our very first Superbooth Frankfurt in 2002 (see pic2).

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kenele_siteThe Macbeth ELEMENTS seems to be shipping soon. Ken Macbeth called this weekend saying that all keyboard circuitries have been tested well and all works fine so far. His personal hope is to send a first bunch of 10 to 30 complete units wtihin August (2015) towards the european and american waiting lists in half and half to get it started.

keyboard synthesizers


HerrSchneider_MusiktirolIf you really want to quit playing technical tools to go for classical alpin mechanical musical instruments you can follow me and visit Musik Tirol. I am sure Christoph will find a solution for you too.