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Visit from nearer outer space

besuch Today some nice folks you might recognize from this year’s Musikmesse showed up in our store. Thanks for coming!

From left to right:
Dan Green from 4ms, Tony Rolando and Kelly Kelbel from Make Noise, followed by Patrick from SchneidersBuero, our tech guy Yegor and support guy Camilo.

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Back to Berlin, now ..

IMG_3281-480x640Musikmesse Frankfurt is done. SchneidersBuero made it a good experience this year: it was the biggest booth for our stuff we have ever seen with 42 brands and 65 exhibitors on the stand, we drank six bottles of Absynth with some more  club mate and sparkling wine at least.
We had uncounted conversations and made also uncounted videos for the web on never seen before portals as well as experienced pro-channels from all over the world. Search the web or just enjoy your life and give us an email if you have any questions. We are a bit more lazy these days than normally, but still fine.

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15-18 april Music tradeshow Frankfurt

schneiders_bueroSchneidersbuero will be in Frankfurt this week and half of our team from schneidersladen aswell,

we try to our best to support you  – but may we need a bit longer then usual to fullfill your needs

thx for your patience – and we welcome you at the booth in Frankfurt.



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New_Make_Noise_System_s.. Its just one, we are sorry, but at least ..  we received a shared system (black with CV bus) by Make Noise at Schneidersladen, probably make noise themselves will present it on their stand at  Musikmesse next week.

If you can make it to visit Frankfurt in Western Germany at least for a day next week we would strongly recommend indeed doing this. There will be more than fourty brands and makers in person introducing their eurorack modular solutions and more on the stand of SchneidersBuero only. See you? See you.

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Basic Electricity#15 april 10th


Basic Electricity – Hordijk Modular Special

Basic Electricity this Friday, 10th April hosts a Hordijk Modular Special. The master himself, Rob Hordijk will give a tutorial patching his system and then Sam Weaver, Hoelzl & Lefort and Trio Brachiale will play music with Hordijk synthesizers. It’s two sessions, so check the website for the times!

BE#15, Friday, 10.04.15 – Kastanienallee 77 (Kino) – 10435 Berlin Prenzlauer-Berg.



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new Verbos modulars ..

MULTI-ENVELOPE CLOSE UPTowards Musikmesse Verbos is shipping .. finally more Harmonic Oscillators together with their latest release – the Multi Envelope. It could happen that the shipment is forwarded to end customers not before April 19th because of Messe Actitivities.

B.t.w. Marc Verbos will be in Berlin afterwards to introduce his proudcts at the Spiegelsalon together with Dan Greene alias 4MS and Tony Rolando alias Make Noise at least (on 23rd).

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Richard Devine ..

.. was visiting SchneidersLaden once he was doing a liveset at Berghain a few weeks ago (was great, thank you) and he made a picture of our entrance with this little detail that I never noticed – so far, thank you for showing me, richard.  Apart from that, we had a short chat about Christian Günthers Delay and the new REON Drift box that he took home in the end.

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Metropolis Back in stock

metropolis11after a really long waiting time

the Intellijel Metropolis is back in stock

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2nd nice Workshop@spiegelsalon

ALEX4 Distribution GmbHThe second workshop at the Spiegelsalon (SchneidersBuero) was introducing Bastl Instruments modulars.

The room is very smart for such, Schneider will upload a video soon and there will be plenty more workshops soon (after Musikmesse).

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Bastl Instruments..

bastl_modules-hires.. this Thursday, March, 26th in the evening SchneidersBuero will introduce the modulars by Bastl Instruments in his Spiegelsalon (Berlin, Ritterstr. 3) in the evening. The workshop will be recorded and starts at 8pm.