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Cwejman stock now ..

haseWe have a minimal amount of cwejman modules in stock and available from the latest shipping that came in this week. After a few of the early clients had to jump off ..

The AP-1  Processor, the  SPH2 phaser and the brand new QMMF-4 – the bigger brother of the outstanding Quad Resonator RES-4 – are ready for you as a eastern surprise in limited numbers… now.

Have a nice easter holiday

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Elements on Musikmesse

P1100072Our friend Roland made this wonderful video showing Ken Macbeth introducing his Elements on Musikmesse 2014. If you like the synth you can already now place a preorder in a musical instruments store of your choice (?). The first batch of units should be coming in May, but you never know, it will be real scottish ones.

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Anode Meeblip

anode-mixer640The very little Anode Meeblip Synthesizer module that has been introduced in Frankfurt will need a bit more time. A very first shipment is coming soon, please calculate the first units ex berlin for week #21/ around May, 23rd.

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Tom Oberheim Production

Tom Oberheim GarageI just had a chat with Tom Oberheim who confirmed that the TwoVoice is in production now: First Units will be shipped in May if everything goes well. The remaining SEM units some of you are waiting for will also be coming in first half of May, so please keep being patient we will get back to you as soon as we have the confirmation they are shipped .. as always there is hope.
The picture has been made by our friend Jörg in Toms Garage about a month ago, Tom told me he is now working on the units in the garden, congratulation!

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Cwejman SPH-2 restocking

SPH-2The SPH-2 by Cwejman is restocking now in  limited numbers. So if you have ordered one of them be aware to be asked very soon to take them (or not). The waiting list is long.
His new QMMF-4 is in production now and will follow soon.

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Available now ex SchneidersLaden:

Verbos Electronics modules can now be pre-ordered, the first batch will probably arrive europe within the next two months.

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Available now ex SchneidersLaden:

the Macbeth Elements is now online on SchneidersLaden and can be preordered here. We still dont know when exactly the first units will be coming in but as you know we always deal fair with such and hold all promises on european warranty issues and keep you informed over here. The price had to be lifted up to 5590 EUR now, if possible we can still sell it for cheaper once we have them.

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NEW centralmusic

Centralmusic_stageWe had a wonderful night with the re-opening of Centralmusic on Oranienstrasse 188 in Berlin Kreuzberg. Marc Verbos and Christian Zollner made a great set (see them on the pic) followed by a short but great introduction of the Meeblip synthesizer by Peter Kirn; finally Jeffrey Vallier introduced the WLAN card for the Buchla Music Easel. Wolfgang Seidel unfortunately arrived too late after his first live performance with one of the very first Easels that arrived last week and Antony H made this picture, thank you all.

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Allt För Musik

Ein schöner Bericht zu Schneidersladen aus Schweden in Landessprache – mit Google Translate immer wieder Erfrischend Anders

thank you  Sanjin

En trevlig rapport om skrädderi från Sverige på det lokala språket – med Google Translate in igen Uppfriskande olika
tack Sanjin




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Musikmesse Aftershow 2/2

Centralmusic_KarrussellTonite in Kreuzbergs Oranienstrasse (#188!) we will have a workshop with Marc Verbos from New York introducing his eurorack products at around 8pm, this will be held in english. Then there will be a session with either Peter Kirn presenting his Meeblip synth and/or the Koma boys performing their pedals and Kommanders. Still before 10pm we will have a second rare introduction where Christian Halten will introduce his W-Lan interface for the Buchla Music Easel together with the chief technician from Buchla responsible for their production site. As on Musikmesse Mister MFB junior (the Tanzbär !) will take care for some drinks and good fun as we will do ourselves.