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Cwejman Panorama

Cwejman_MX4SLong time no seen, but ..
now the VCA-2P by Cwejman came in and is available from stock (probably for a short while). If you need more Panorama settings at once, there are also some very few of the MX-4S and apart from that some others too. Just have a look or ask your competent retailer.

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HerrSchneider2014.. is not on facebook and a bit weird at the time … Sonic State made this interview once they was visiting berlin and I was surprised myself, what I am telling there. Its a lot about our friends making stuff and some things about personal history and .. some good sounds on the modular in the end. Thank you Edd.

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the very next modular workshop for newbees, starters and/or interested users had to be switched to next week Friday, December, 5th, now.
We are sorry for this last minute change, those who already confirmed will be contacted, if you are interested to participate, please send a mail to Thomas K now.

Dieter Doepfer already introduced some of his new modules at Hieber Lindberg in Munich last weekend, for the workshop next Friday we will also show some of his prototypes such as the new quadrature VCO and others.

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EURORACK Minimoog..

minimod_vcoThe Minimoog D is now available as an authentic eurorack replica once you combine the modules by Allan J. Hall alias AJH: 5 basic synth moduls  combined did impress Thomas K. a lot that he did put together such a system in our showroom, so get on board to have a listen once you are in Berlin.

about NEW products .., eurorack modular .., our showroom in Berlin ..


MKIV_2013_Schneider_4Starting your own modular system with little money, not buying too much, not missing the chance to have good fun and - most important thing – not buying stuff that becomes boring after a while (!) ..
is not that easy

To give you some more ideas and help on this, Thomas K., our current mastermind for modular questions and answers invites you for another workshop next Friday, December, 5th in the evening. If you would like to participate, please give us an email now. Workshop starts around six pm in the showroom Schneidersladen and will last usually for two hours plus chat ..

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Rare wooden Items ..

1000529The Trautoniks VT is a well done replika of the so called Volkstrautonium that has been built in the 1930s in Germany in small numbers. The VT has been built in 2012 by Trautoniks in Germany. It has been carefully used, now it is available for sale. If you are interested, please send a mail (here).

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Studio Electronics Code4 ..

code_studio_electronicsA single Studio electronics code (4voice) is on sale now at Session Music Frankfurt: Even if there is no CS80 Filter mounted (you could have up to four different analogue hardware filter cards per voice, two ones are included) it can be read from the display (see pic). IF you want the CS80, its an option. If you can accept this and you want a Code NOW, buy it in Frankfurt!

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Sequencer one ..

admseqAudio Damage now shipped their first batch of the Sequencer 1 and so I had some discussions again about a step sequencer in general. Still the MAQ 16/3 by Doepfer is available and became even more attractive pricewise because all the others become more expensive in between, but it is limited .. there is the Schrittmacher with 32 tracks, but it has no CV.. then it comes to the Sequentix, andso you search in the modules again.. you can do it here and see them all at once to compare.

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Modulars in London ..

londonmodularalliance10.. are being well presented at London Modular .. read more about Simon and his friends over here

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verbos modules

.. a first shipment of verbos modulars has been coming in and .. going out already, but .. more of them will come in soon!