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Cwejman VCO2RM / ADSR-VC2 …

….ARE BACK IN STOCK !  Finally
… the fabulous Cwejman VCO2RM  & the ADSR-VC2 are back. PLease note – both modules only come in the CWEJMAN-WHITE – (see pic) – and not in the dark grey like shown on our shop-pages.

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Disting Video Competition

Competition: Win more distings!

Expert Sleepers  want to see the best video of a disting being used in a modular setup.Large or small, east coast or west, just doing something cool. Bonus points for showing off the illuminated jack sockets!  Entries should be posted to YouTube and/or Vimeo, and then let  Expert Sleepers  know about them.

1st prize – two more distings!
runner up prize – one more disting!

Closing date: August 1st 2014

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Another workshop @ SL, now !

workshoppic1Especially for  new customers we will have a workshop again just on and about a eurorack starter system for lower 1500 EUROn July, 18th (2014)- next Friday – our product specialist Thomas K. will share his knowledge about such with you (once you confirmed your participation). The workshop is limited to seven people and will start once the showroom closed at 6pm. To make your first own patch and have a good time, please calculate with roundabout two to three hours time and send your confimation to tc@schneidersladen directly now.

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REVERB / Space Station SST-206

The Seven Woods Audio Space Station SST-206:
Very rare and just sweet – this is one of the best reverbs on the market and a few are back in stock at Schneidersladen now.


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Oberheim Patchpanel in stock

SEM-2-LgWe still have – surprisingly – some of the wonderful sounding Oberheim SEM patchpanel units available from Stock – if you re interested …..

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Snazzy my dear ..

Dear Mister Snazzy,

w_dan_snazzythank you again for the wonderful session we had on this years NAMM (already), that I filmed. I am so sorry that I lost this file somewhere between my camera and my computer that I could not release it to let our friends and clients participate in the knowledge about your modules. I was so sorry, that it took even longer for me to clear everything up with our order, but – finally – now we have them all here, in our showroom at the kottbusser Tor, berlin just mounting them up to a system. So – you will definitely get some feedback from the europeans next week. .. and I am looking forward to a workshop with you over here, working on it.

Yours with warm regards, HerrSchneider

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Metropolis coming ..

Danjel_IntellijelOur Friend Danjel alias Intellijel informed us, that finally this week the next big batch of Metropolis Sequencers will be ready to ship. So our part of at least 55 units – mostly already promised to our dear clients – should be coming in earliest end of next week, but hopefully very soon to be forwarded directly.

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Music Easel waitings..

975_1320.. unfortunately there are still nearly 50 of our clients waiting to get their hands on one of the Bemi* Music Easel .. We never thought that it could take so long to get them in and we are very sorry about this. Still we dont know if there will be more than the first seven “serial units” that we had coming in so far.

In addition to this we are even more sorry, that we mixed up the order date with the update of our factura system what lead us to serve very few clients in the wrong order. As soon as we have more units coming in, we will first of all serve these clients we have overlooked.

* = BEMI is the company that took over the business from Don Buchla
(the guy you see on pic) alias Buchla and Associates  a while ago.

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Tiptopaudio Z4000..

The ADSR by Tiptop is in Berlin, now ..

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MIAMI’s are back in town