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SchneidersLaden is Boring..

P1120523Matthew Allum alias ALM – well known for Pamelas Workout – was visiting Schneidersladen together with his whole Family this week. The two younger ladies was not really keen to play on modulars but not even his wife was called Pamela, so Matthew: whats your masterclock?

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img_2959-2Yes: I am not on facebook, and I am not on Linkedn and I am not using ableton live nor iphones, ipads or paypal, it seems like I am an ignorant oldschool arsehole, I am sorry. Please forgive me, sometimes I blog twitter.

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Frequency Central in Stock

cropped-baccythere are some new Frequency Central Modules in stock now such as the ..
- Waverider digital VCO, the .. Raging Bull, the ..  Vogue .. and of course the adsr / vca and more ..  available online now!

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Even if it looks like it over here, nothing has changed with this: WE are not on facebook as Schneidersladen nor as anything else. If YOU made that page called Schneidersladen on Facebook, please get back to ME before somebody else will clear this up. The content does not make sense to our clients nor to us, it is mostly historical or leading to less competent points on the interne than the REAL Schneidersladen. Thank you for understanding.

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Music Tech Fest

Saturday -25 October 2014 at 14:00 /
Sunday -  26 October 2014 at 14:00
Rheinsberger Str. 76/77 -  10115 Berlin

Music Tech Fest is the “festival of music ideas”. It brings the entire music technology ecosystem under one roof. It provides a creative platform for collaboration and co-creation by hackers, musicians, innovative startups, independent and major music labels and technology companies.The weekend is packed with back to back performances, demonstrations, and presentations from artists, technologists, entrepreneurs, academics and ideas people.

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Digital.Analog in Munich

Schneidersladen Berlin October 24th n 25th, Friday and Saturday on DigitalAnalog in Munich we will install the modular karoussell for a public workshop once again. So if you are around, come and play on modulars.. and say hello.

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Welcome Boller Baller ..

P1120397We refreshed our installation in the entrance of Schneidersladen, so once you come up from the Kaisers Drugstore door you will first of all see the selection of different KOMA(s) next to Miami.  Once you lost the control over Miami on the right KOMA you can add a bit of the rhythm ace or let a Tanzbär perform the spring to go further:

P1120400Next to the window – that you see first once you came up over the getto stairs equipped with an unbelievable smell of urin quite often – you see the very last black Memotronthe real and original one and only Mellotron-clone (!) – from the back, and .. once youre in, a selection of desktop synthesizers to be compared with each other.

So there is no excuse anymore to NOT come in or show up just
.. because you dont use a modular, YET (?)!

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Circadian Rhythms soon..

Schneidersladen BerlinTiptop Audio will release their new proper 8track step sequencer – the circadian rhytm – very soon. After we already had one of the first units presented in the Tiptopaudio workshop (just two weeks ago) we now start collecting preorders. The design of the frontplate is completely new towards a redesign of the whole tiptop audio range to follow up.

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nice 4 making funkybase..

Schneidersladen BerlinKonstantin Gervis explains his personal pure tiptop audio eurorack system in this video as the optimum for making techno music live with this “core of music”. Also other manufacturers such as the scientific Doepfer and a Cwejman as the Ferrari in the eurorack are well known by Konstantin as an experienced user. He explains the CV-adsr and the ten track sequencer Z8000 and plays some music.

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Meeblip anode ..

Alex4 BerlinThe Canadian Meeblip anode hybrid-synthesizer has been reviewed on the german site and they liked it not just for its compact size and price.. still it is in the range of a better present .. be aware: christmas is coming soon, you better look here!