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Abkoche der Woche..

Krake2015-quadrat5SMALL-500x500-300x300.. this weeks most crowded techno cooking will be probably the Krake Festival at Berghain Kantine and around Revaler Strasse powered by music board berlin and software sequencers both missing some good knobs in their dongles .. still a good tip for going out to party; who cares. Here is the program and here is a video introducing their ideas …”

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Alles da wo es hingehört!

Alles da wo es hingehört  .. man beachte die ungenutzten Werkzeuge unter dem Tisch! All is there we it belongs to be? Bongs to be? Honks to see?

More of such nice pictures you can find on the blog of this years Studio Stekker.

HAve a good summertime.

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Morton Subotnick Live and Preview: I Dream Of Wires

wiresI Dream Of Wires – SCREENING
+ Morton Subotnick – LIVE A/V
+ Modular workshop / Verbos +X

28.07.2015 | 8PM, Berlin, Babylon Mitte
purchasing tickets in advance is recommended @..
 .. presale/20€ @ the Door/ 25€  w/DVD +10€

To celebrate the August VOD/DVD release of I DREAM OF WIRES, the definitive and acclaimed electronic music documentary about the rise, fall and rebirth of the modular synthesizer, MONODUO FILMS and MOBILE KINO presents a very special screening and electronic music event in Berlin.
On Tuesday July, 28th, following last year’s festival premiere, I DREAM OF WIRES will receive it’s first public screening in Berlin, followed by a live performance by the legendary Morton Subotnick. Taking place at Babylon Kino Berlin, Morton Subotnick, accompanied by his frequent collaborator, video artist Lillevan, presents FROM SILVER APPLES OF THE MOON TO A SKY OF CLOUDLESS SULFUR REVISITED: VI, marking Subotnick’s first live appearance in Germany since 2011.
The film will be introduced by I DREAM OF WIRES’ director Robert Fantinatto, who will also join Morton Subotnick for a post-screening Q&A. This event is more than just a celebration of the modular synthesizers; it’s an opportunity to learn and experience historical roots of electronic music.

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explaining Schneiders biz

Herr-Schneider-1024x768The german keyboards mag wrote a nice report on SchneidersLaden and my ideas, explaining sense and differnences of Alex4, SchneidersBuero, the shop and a Superbooth. Thanks to Matthias and Jörg.
Once we made this interview it was not clear that next SUPERBOOTH (2016) will happen in Berlin now.

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Ve a good Journey Mr.Moebius

indexAnother pioneer of german electronic Klangkunst and Krautrock – Dieter Moebius

died in the age of 71 this week. He was co-founder of Cluster & Harmonia and worked together

with Conrad Schnitzler & Hans-Joachim Roedelius.

We wish you a good journey and a happy new life.

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GriechenlandBlumen, Wasser, Sonne, Sicht,
reicht das nicht?

Schöne Ferien allerseits.

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What are we doing here?

Looking back to the work of Conrad Schnitzler from nowadays perspective you see that electronic music could have been more than just entertainment, are we still busy in that? Are you?
Please have a minute for an earlier client of us borrowing synths like the Cwejman S1 like Macbeths M5 or the still prominent Sherman filterbank to record the noises they did, never reading a manual nor understanding the range of technical possibilities. His biggest work for me was the fact that he never signed any kind of a contract during all his life. So he did not have a bank account nor rented a flat legally, .. in highest respect Conrad Schnitzler was something like a superpunk (?)!
Please see a tv report on him from tv history here. .. (..thanks Wolfgang)

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Eurorack – Roland – Ikea?

köttbullarOn Musikmesse 2015 I was joking around after also Roland released eurorack modulars now, next step would be an IKEA-Module (Kottibullar) or a Behringer? Now I just saw this post on Synthtopia introducing the idea to DIY y0ur IKEA modular, … is it good or bad?
WE will go ahead with REAL furnitures and REAL modules.

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No promo on Vimeo ..

dann-thomas-berlin Directly after Musikmesse in April we had some nice visitors from the US like Dan Green alias 4MS (picture), Tony Rolando alias make noise, Mark Verbos and Peter Kirn from Canada with his Meeblip synth. SchneidersBuero made a happening in their Spiegelsalon with some workshops, live music and some drinks. First Videos are online now, the others will follow next week.

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WMD / SSF in stock NOW & HOT!

wmdsffmonolithMost of the new Wmd / SSF Modules arrived today aswell as the new Monolith Keyboard  which can be tested in our showroom  as well – #ve a hot weekend  and enjoy.