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Metropolis Back in stock

metropolis11after a really long waiting time

the Intellijel Metropolis is back in stock

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2nd nice Workshop@spiegelsalon

ALEX4 Distribution GmbHThe second workshop at the Spiegelsalon (SchneidersBuero) was introducing Bastl Instruments modulars.

The room is very smart for such, Schneider will upload a video soon and there will be plenty more workshops soon (after Musikmesse).

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Bastl Instruments..

bastl_modules-hires.. this Thursday, March, 26th in the evening SchneidersBuero will introduce the modulars by Bastl Instruments in his Spiegelsalon (Berlin, Ritterstr. 3) in the evening. The workshop will be recorded and starts at 8pm.

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10 Minutes ELEMENTS

ALEX4 Distribution GmbHThe very first workshop video from our new Spiegelsalon in Berlin has been made with Ken Macbeth introducing the final version of his already famous desktop synthesizer ELEMENTS on March, 11th, 2015. Video: Macbeth introducing Elements

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The Modular Synthesizer ..

1958058_1417226935194616_1068003353_nOn Monday,16th in the Roter Salon, Berlin there will be an evening on Modulars with Driftmachine (Tied & Tickled Trio, Saroos) and Francesco Donadello (Fox-Ton). Thomas Kircher (SchneidersLaden) will introduce the Instrument with some stories, afterwards there are DJ sets by Marc Weiser and Mads Brauer.Read more here.

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Osaka and Berlin News ..

driftbox_6In time for the upcoming Musikmesse uncounted manufacturers are now releaseing their new products and innovations. Starting with the limited series of the REON driftbox from Osaka -here and there misunderstood as a simple dronebox – .. especially in the eurorack range there will be plenty of news very soon. The so far hottest thing from my point of view is the 4VOX by Flame from Berlin being presented mid April together with nearly 40 other brands and manufacturers on the booth of SchneidersBuero in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Cwejman QMMF4 from stock

130269_frontThere is still a little stock left of the ” mother module” by Cwejman – the great and big QMMF4. .. son of the RES4 .. first come first get ..

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Make Noise FXDf and RxMx in stock

thmnrxmxe new Make Noise Modules  FXDf and RxMx arrived today.

and of course can be tested in our showroom as well

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27 Feb: KOMA Komplex Sequencer and Poltergeist at Schneiders Laden!


Quads Up!


This friday, the 27th of February, from 6PM to 9PM, the boys of KOMA Elektronik take over Schneiders Laden to show off their upcoming Poltergeist Quadraphonic Audio Mixer for Eurorack Synthesizers and the ultra cool Komplex Sequencer, both presented at this years NAMM Show in Los Angeles! After their promotion tour to LA, Oakland and Portland, they now want to give all the Berliners a chance to play and get more in depth information about these two new products. We will build a nice quadraphonic audio-setup and let those sounds spin through the room! Bring your own beer. Patchcables will be provided, and patching we will!

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STarter Workshop this friday

A100BSS1_smWe do a basic introduction workshop on the

new doepfer starter system  

A-100 Starter System (A-100BSS1)

This Friday the 20th of feb at 6pm in our showroom

If you wanna join please contact Thomas via mail tc@schneidersladen.de