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Ibiza was great ..

100_0019For some of our manufacturers we could realize a Promotion on the dancefair ibiza, a DJ convention organized by our dutch friend Norman for sunny weather as always. Unfortunately it began to rain a bit but all was put under roofs and tents in time, so .. no danger for the tools at no time.. Probably next time it will become something like the miami sound convention then, we will see. See yourselves a short video over here giving you an impression of our 2014 event.

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20 kabel .. sounds like this.

Thomas_K_itsoundslikethisThomas K. is introducing a good eurorack starter system with an affordable mix up of modern modules by different brands with all their basic functions and patch examples in ..
this video workshop now.

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_MG_8439_0217_klOn Thursday (September, 24th)  the DJ convention Dancefair will start for the very first time on the island Ibiza. Apart from “DJ companies” like Roland, the SAE and others some more attraktive hardware units by Doepfer, Vermona, Sherman, Koma, MFB and Manikin will be shown by Philipp and Franz from Schneidersladen on behalf of SchneidersBuero, Berlin. So if you are around have some fun and make some sunny sounds with them. Enjoy.

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Mysterious Movie?

Makenoise_mysterinAs a first movie from the knobcom in Chicago, we could now upload a short portrait of the latest release of make noise: the mysterion. Tony Rolando as the inventor tries hard to introduce the module with no audio connection to philipp – making this interview for Schneidersladen.

The second half is more about a new quad multiple with integrated audio preamp and a stereo output right hand, that he designed as a 1HP vertical stripe in the system here.

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electronics-repairs2At Just Music in Hamburg the FIVE DAYS, a workshop series or promotion started today. At 2pm there will be an informational two hours about Doepfer, Moog, Mellotrons & more held by our new A-100 buddy Chris Miller and others. It will be held in german in the keyboards department of Just Music Hamburg HERE. So if you have no clue about modulars yet and you are around, just get there to learn how to patch.

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Super workshop

Schneidersladen BerlinThe workshop with Konstantin Gervis at CentralMusic in Berlin showed us the full range of possibilities with a pure tiptop audio modular system to make electric music on “just” one modular. Not everything was shown but all was filmed, the movie has to be cut to be released  and linked from here soon.

On Ibiza during the upcoming dancefair this week Thursday and Friday the workshop will be held again and in additiona a crew of schneidersladen will show even more things next door, so .. if you can afford, get a ticket and enjoy a few days on the island in the sun.

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Tiptop Audio NEWS

Schneidersladen BerlinTiptop audio was introducing here in berlin now another two prototypes of interesting new modules to be released soon. The circadian rhythm (see upper pic) will be a very complex step sequencer with 8 by 8 plus 8 multi colored buttons and more that makes it very easy to use as Konstantin Gervis could show live in a workshop at Central Music around the corner now.

Schneidersladen BerlinThe second one was an even better looking module – the quantizer, that unfortunately could not have been explained too deep nor showed as good as the sequencer because the time became short. There was so many other hot stuff by tiptop audio to be explained and performed in the workshop, but we will check the remaining details very soon.


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Thanks to all of knobcon

OpenerThanks to all of knobcon – We had a really nice and warm hearted time over there  -  it was great to feel your enthusiasm for the gear & the music. We didn’t expect such a great atmosphere & respect for each other – and were fully blown away. Big hugs to the makers who made this special event happen. Greetings to all – from Sebastian / Phil & Carlo.

…………more updates and Infos will  follow soon …………

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Tiptop at centralmusic

tiptipworkshop_berlinThursday – September 18th – we will have the workshop with Tiptop Audio at CentralMusic, Oranienstrasse, Berlin Kreuzberg next to the club SO36, to join you can either bring your headphone and listen to the story from outodoors (standing in front of the door smoking all the time) or you send an email here  to have it eye to eye indoors! Both will be fine, youre welcome anyway ! We will start something at 7 pm.

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stg making musicIt seems like the welcome night at the Knobcon was nice: Marc Verbos was playing live as Suit and tie guy did. The Saturday started with a picture of our friends from SchneidersBuero together with Tony Rolando and the harvestman (in the background) .. see this pic here!