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No promo on Vimeo ..

dann-thomas-berlin Directly after Musikmesse in April we had some nice visitors from the US like Dan Green alias 4MS (picture), Tony Rolando alias make noise, Mark Verbos and Peter Kirn from Canada with his Meeblip synth. SchneidersBuero made a happening in their Spiegelsalon with some workshops, live music and some drinks. First Videos are online now, the others will follow next week.

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WMD / SSF in stock NOW & HOT!

wmdsffmonolithMost of the new Wmd / SSF Modules arrived today aswell as the new Monolith Keyboard  which can be tested in our showroom  as well – #ve a hot weekend  and enjoy.

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Funkstoerung & Modeselektor

Funkstoerung_at_debugTwo old friends of electronic music explaining their view of tools and musical instruments in SchneidersBuero, talking about new and old stuff and first of all about music. Funkstoerung and Modeselektor @ SchneidersBuero here (youtube video). .. read more in german about Funkstoerung here .. and about Szaries (modeselektor) new interview blog here.

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Snazzy Tidal Wave Review

tidalwaveThe Electronic Musician now released a proper review on the Snazzy FX – Tidal Wave sound processor that has been a side event in all the popular eurorack releases .. so far (?!) .. read youselves or check it out in our showroom berlin (available from stock as long as stock lasts).

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better prices for you

loveAfter the whole Up & Down with the dollar rate ($sic$) and the unstable €uro

We did the best to calculate lower prices for you, so that you ‘ll get more dog for your money .

$€€ you @ Schneidersladen



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Getting started now!

NVpw5fZ6PvMa0kI6LJaV5jKfL6xeY_hjR8i702b942MOn Friday this week (June, 19th) we will have
a workshop
for people interested in modular
synthesis – and especially beginners that are
on the verge of taking the plunge into
the “modular world”.

With the aid of the Doepfer eurorack starter system our product specialist Thomas K. will demonstrate basic patching ideas and going from there we will try to patch up the whole showroom into one jam session snazzystand.
The goal is not to present music theory but for you to experience the fun of successfully programming a modular synthesizer and to connect to other people.  The workshop will start at 6pm. Please send an email to tc@schneidersladen.de as the workshop is limited to 10 people, thank you.

19. June 2015, 6pm @ SchneidersLaden,
Am Kotti überm Kaisers, Berlin.

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Party King Hans is gone

VoodoopartyThe german king of easy listening James Last alias Hans (from Bremen) passed away in the age of 86 in Florida now. His most famous Vinyl (for me) called voodoo party is one of the favourites of my kids to dance around  nowadays. So the double base players are one less now.. MisterSchneider .. start your rehearsals again!

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Closed on Wednesdays?

ALEX4 Distribution GmbHAfter SchneidersLaden is usually closed on Wednesday afternoons, now SchneidersBuero
is open to public around the corner that day.
There is no sales but you are welcome to play on the modular Carussell, give us your questions and expand your horizont at least in eurorack questions or other ideas.

Spiegelsalon * Ritterstr. 3 * 10969 Berlin * 2pm til 6pm * just wednesday

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Hamburg: klingt gut!

.. and on June, 4th til 6th in Hamburg on the Symposium “klingt gut!” there will be workshops on modulars by SchneidersBuero every day:
HAW Hamburg, Kunst- und Mediencampus Finkenau !

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Analogue Systems?

Bob-WilliamsAccording to Mr. Bob Williams originally idea, his brand and product line – the integrator modular system a.k.a. analogue systems – will be sold in ready to go casings and wooden cabints again. They will come – just completely mounted up the way you want them – with a full five years warranty from now on.

After having had too much trouble from circuitries damaged with wrong or misused connector cabels, with (others) power supplies that did not serve enough ampere for some of the high class functionalities, or selfmade casings, where the modules has been returned once they did not fit, taking this excellent products out of the mixed systems is indeed a bad decision for the idea of the common eurorack, but a good one for the position of analogue systems.

aorsThe integrator system can be configurated on a comfortable modular planner and should be coming from the production to your retail store within a month now. For any kind of questions please get back to your modular stores over europe.